Eye of the Tiger
24 x 40 inches


[Mann’s collages] display a digital agility that is quite exceptional, together with a speed and an impartiality of judgment that keep him one step ahead of our expectations. Sometimes it is the big ones that impress by their breadth of ambition. Sometimes it is the little ones, for their subtlety of color and inherent mischief.
John Russell
The New York Times


His gifts for visual analogy, juxtaposition of textures, mordant humor are explosive.
Lyle Rexer
Art Critic, Author and Curator


We have in our midst someone who, in his fondness for symmetries and for all that is combinatory, raises the stakes of making sculpture from found objects to euphoric new heights…Wherever you look, the eye loses itself in an iconology of the fantastic that springs from the everyday...
Suzi Gablik
Art Critic and Author